295 products

    295 products
    Cream Donut
    from $5.00
    from $2.50
    Curry Pie
    from $6.60
    Custard & Fresh Cream Sponge
    from $40.00
    Custard Cream Ring
    from $6.60
    Custard Scrolls
    from $3.00
    Custard Tart
    from $4.40
    Date Loaf
    Decorated Gingerbread House
    from $59.00
    Design a Butter Cake
    from $40.00
    Design a Butter Cake with Photo
    from $70.00
    Design a Cupcake Pack
    Design a Family Flavoured Pie
    Design a Fondant-Iced Sponge
    from $20.00
    Design a Minisweet Pack
    Design a Mud Cake
    from $33.00
    Design a Mud Cake with Photo
    from $63.00
    Design a Round of Sandwiches
    Design a Single Tier Mud Cake (with drip)
    from $70.00
    This cake is decorated with green buttercream icing, with green sprinkles around the outside, chocolate buttercream borders and topped with chocolate freckles!
    Design a Sponge
    from $40.00
    Design a Sponge with Photo
    from $70.00
    Design a Two Tier Mud Cake (with drip)
    from $130.00
    Dessert Ring
    Dough Packs 1kg (Shortbread, Lebkuchen and Gingerbread)
    Dutch Fruit Loaf
    Sold Out
    Easter Donut
    from $2.80
    Sold Out
    Easter Royal
    Epi Baguette
    Family Bacon & Cheese Pie
    Family Caramelised Onion Pie
    Family Curry Pie
    Family Meat & Vegetable Pastie
    Family Mushroom Pie
    Family Quiche Lorraine
    Family Shepherds Pie
    Family Spinach, Tomato & Asparagus Quiche
    Family Steak & Cheese Pie
    Family Steak Mince Pie
    Sold Out
    Fathers Day 'I Love You Dad' Cupcakes
    Fathers Day Decorated Cupcakes
    from $4.50

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