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Design a Sponge Cake

Item Code: designasponge
Price:  $34.00 – $156.00

Design a Sponge Cake

Item Code: designasponge
Price:  $34.00 – $156.00
Date Required
Time Required
Sponge flavour
Icing Type (on top of the cake)
Icing colour (if buttercream selected)
Trimmings (around the outside of the cake)
Ribbon colour (if ribbon selected)
Borders (top edge of cake)
Border colour (if buttercream selected)
Border Decorations
Sugar Flower colour (if sugar flowers selected- type 1 or 2 colours)
Ribbon Swirl colour (if ribbon swirls selected)
Writing on the cake (eg. Happy 18th Birthday John)
Any additional Information
* Required

Here you can design your own sponge cake!

All our sponges have 3 layers of our signature sponge filled with 2 layers of fillings. This is then rolled in a variety of trimmings around the outside of the cake. We then decorate the top border of the cake with some yummy goodness of your choosing.

Writing is included in the price.

At checkout no payment is needed. Payment in full is required when picking up the cake in the shop.

We require 3 Days notice to guarantee what you have selected in your order.  

If there is less than three days notice please go ahead and order the cake, if we are not able to do something we will contact you.

 For example, we generally carry vanilla and chocolate sponge in stock. If you were to place an online order for a coffee sponge on say Friday for a Saturday pickup, then we may not be able to do so. If in doubt please call us.

For larger sizes and special orders please call us on 9725 0926.